Roanoke's Finest

by George Roland Wills

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The following is the actual resume that I am routinely required to fill out when I apply
for any law enforcement work. This information has been recorded everywhere I have ever applied. I have written it in this narrative form in order to provide a more comprehensive explanation.

For the last thirty-four years, the Roanoke City Police Department, as well as the entire City of Roanoke, Virginia has failed to investigate the circumstances surrounding the shooting of one of its own police officers while he was in the police academy. This officer was at the very top of his academy class. He was carrying 3 A's and a B at Virginia Western Community College in ADJU Administration of Justice (Police Science). He was an expert marksman at the range, qualifying 100% on the Virginia Double Action 60 Round Modified Police Pistol Course, and he was well liked by everyone. He had no complaints nor write-ups of any kind. He was never late, always on time, and always in uniform, with no complaints against him; of whatever. He was the model police officer.

On March 25, 1983, this officer was shot in the face with a blank cartridge from a .38 calibre Smith and Wesson revolver. The resulting muzzle flash of fire and powder caused his eyes to become contaminated with the discharge from the gun barrel. When that officer sought medical treatment, at the advice of his police detective instructor, his approved supervisor for the day, that officer was first orally reprimanded, and then terminated without any cause, whatsoever, using the bogus catch-all of 'probation' as the official excuse for his firing. This termination occurred on April 11, 1983, at 0700 hours. Within the time it takes to open an envelope, he went from being at the very top of his class to being fired, and slandered and libeled as having failed to pass the police academy. He received a letter that accused him of failing to pass the academy, a thing which was easily disproven by his actual grades and evaluations at that time.

The chief had had no idea that he was one of his best students in class, and so that embarrassment of a letter was ultimately rescinded by the Public Safety Director, and a resignation brokered.

On the same day, in his very first ever meeting with his chief of police, Chief M. David Hooper, this officer was advised that all of his academy grades and records were to be destroyed, so that these could not be used to prove the chief was lying about him not passing his police academy probation. Further, he would not be allowed to file any sort of a grievance with the city. Such was the gross depravity of the Roanoke City Police Department in 1983, back in a time before the internet and social media. In this way, this officer has been 'blackballed' for the last 34 years, costing him job after job due to the City of Roanoke not ever owning up to nor recording the truth about what happened to him during his time with the city.

Only, someone either screwed up, or else they did it on purpose; they placed the ER bill and workman's comp forms of paperwork back into the files, which were discovered in August of 2014, when they sent it all to me.

This actual paperwork that does still exist NOW has within it the full story of the events and circumstances due to the existence of the ER bill from the shooting incident, that was paid without any incident report, case number, nor any affidavit from the injured officer.

It shows how that his firing can be shown to have been as retaliation for seeking medical treatment for the gunshot blast to the face, rather than for some nebulous probationary nonsense.

The city's copies of these files have since been 'destroyed' by the city attorney, who freely admits this in writing, using the excuse of the Records Retention Act. My copies, however, are published in this book.

This officer can not secure work, anywhere, until this is finally addressed.

For this reason, this book is being written.

Roanoke's Finest George Roland Wills
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